Social Events

85th Winnit Club Christmas Camp

The tent will be raised, the bunks assembled and the keg box put in place.

The Cook is preparing; the beer is on order and the Bard has a bag full of quality entertainment and items.

All that is missing is the RSVP’s of the Winnits (You).

You are cordially invited to come and stay with your fellow Winnits under canvas for the camp’s duration or part thereof.

The camp will commence (including lunch and the lunchtime session) on Boxing Day, continuing through until the 30th December.

Camp Program:

Monday 26th: Early Advanced Guard, Initiation Night.

Tuesday 27th: McGoo Cup, Ladies Afternoon.

Wednesday 28th: McGoo Cup Continued, Tennis Competition.

Thursday 29th: Gin & Tonic Breakfast, Steak and Red Wine Lunch.
Friday 30th: Camp closure, Rear Guard.

Visitors welcome to Lunchtime and open Sessions… 

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