Founded in the summer of 1930-31, the Winnit Club is Rottnest Island’s longest-standing volunteer organisation.  While founding members initially came together for annual sailing and camping trips to Rottnest Island, they soon decided they wanted to give something back to their favourite Island.

Today it is virtually impossible to find a spot on the Island that has not benefited from the efforts of the Winnit Club. Major accomplishments include the construction of the Island’s first Nursing Post, the original ‘Quokka Shelter’ and West End board walk, the installment of emergency lighting at the Airport (with the final connections and testing being undertaken by the Department of Civil Aviation) and the restoration of the Oliver Hill Gun Battery.

This involved painting the Command Bunker and Number 2 Gun emplacements and filling hundreds of sandbags.  Other significant achievements of the Winnit’s include the installation of stairs at Bathurst Lighthouse, Salmon Bay, Fay’s Bay, Geordie Bay & Narrow Neck, the paving of the P Hut and train shed, the construction of all the railway stations platforms and shelters, painting the seawall twice from end to end, maintaining the Museum and the salvaged hull of the Anitra before it was demolished, the installation of numerous beach access paths and all of the fencing from Villa Kitson to Bathurst Lighthouse.


If you have any interesting history of the Winnit Club or Rottnest island, please get in touch with the club historian, historian@winnitclub.org.au

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